Robert S. White, MD

In creating this ezine, Off the Couch, I hope to retain some of the sensibility and the graphic style of the early zines. The cover is meant to mimic a cut and paste style that forms a collage of images and types. Individual letters and images are cut from other publications and pasted together. Can you identify the portraits on the cover? We will examine the intersection of psychoanalysis and culture in both images and essays. High culture could include the visual arts, literature, music, religion, theatre. I am particularly interested in including some of the lower arts of popular culture, rock music, comics, movies, pulp fi ction. Both the style of the ezine and its content is meant to be a mixture of voices where no one voice is given precedence. I am interested both in beauty and its underpinings of dirt and aggression. I think the future of all publishing will be migrating on-line. This includes academic journals. The younger generation finds the advantages of searching within documents, the graphics rich environment, the immediacy of the web quite compelling. I hope to make this ezine an example of the future.


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