Birds of the world

Bird watching and photography has been a hobby of mine. Here is a selection of phtoographs from international and domestic birding trips

6/17/22 Cactus Wren, Arizona
6/2/18 White-crowned Sparrow, Alaska
5/22/09 Male Bluebird, Guilford, CT
6/9/18 Scaup, Alaska
6/26/10 Osprey Chicks in nest, Branford, CT
11/1/09 Hudsonian Godwit, Madison, CT
4/12/19 Cuban Pewee
4/12/19 Red-legged Thrush, Cuba
7/27/07 Crimson Rumped Toucanet, Equador
7/27/07 Rufou-throated Tanager, Equador
10/27/17 S. Lapwing, Uraguay
10/27/17 Fork-tailed Flycatcher, Uraguay

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